"Though the mountains fall away,

and the hills be shaken;

My love shall never fall away from you."

Isaiah 54, 10

 Restoring-Me is a Catholic ministry program that consists of twelve different one-day spiritual healing retreats for survivors of abuse. These retreats are organized by the Office of Child & Youth Protection in the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Bernardino, California.

The purpose of Restoring-Me is to provide a Christian-Catholic faith-based healing environment where survivors can feel welcomed and know that they are not alone. Participants can share their personal experiences and find solutions through their Catholic faith in a safe, sacred, and confidential setting that will help them continue in their healing journey. 

Our goal is to help participants reach a healthy and fully enriched life through a relationship with Christ our loving Healer, personal and communal prayer, a life of grace, and the sacraments, nurtured in the knowledge and joy of God's personal and unconditional love for each one of us. Restoring-Me retreats focus on helping participants grieve, heal, forgive, problem solve, grow, be resilient, and thrive in life.

The number of participants that attend these retreats is usually no more than 15 people, which helps create a more intimate and trusting environment.


All participants are encouraged to share with others and participate in all retreat activities. It is important to understand that although sharing experiences is an important part of the healing process, participants are not obligated to talk about their personal lives and painful experiences. All are encouraged to share only what they feel they are ready to share when they are ready to share it.


The team that facilitates these retreats is formed by trained volunteers with a great compassionate response for our brothers and sisters living in pain from hurtful abuse experiences.


The Restoring-Me ministry program does not intend to replace any mental health professional assistance, although it is committed to offer spiritual and pastoral support to participants, and to accompany them in their healing process.

These retreats are 100% Confidential and for adults only (18+).


For more information, contact the Retreat Coordinator: 

Mr. Elder Samaniego

Phone: (909) 475-5127   

Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

email: esamaniego@sbdiocese.org